Biggest blank of all…

March 27, 2011


I am still in the process of learning the design skills I need before I tell more people about this site. I’ve still been writing, although I have thrown some stuff out after reviewing some of my work. As an update I wanted to post that I’m going to be continually working on my biggest weakness ever, history.

Of course I went through history courses throughout my entire life but it never stuck and wasn’t compelling to me. Now I find it almost indispensable to have a good grip on history of this country and at least some knowledge of others. Nowadays I just feel ignorant, and for good reason. Participating in any political conversation isn’t an option for me and certain things in this world I don’t understand because I don’t have a good grip on history. Especially this past century.

How to patch this up? Well I’ve enlisted the aid of a book by the name of, A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror by Larry Schweikart. It goes without saying that this book is long, and it also goes without saying I should read more books than one when it comes to recounting any historical event. This combined with the bevy of news apps available to me on my shiny new iPad should get me up to speed. More importantly it should get me an opinion on today’s current events.

After this, I’m going to work on learning about another kind of history: my family and background.