December 5, 2011

I can not remember for the life of me if I mentioned this in my last two posts, but I’ve been away for 3 weeks out of November, and spent most of Octoboer and the last couple weeks here in New York training and preparing for my new job.  Although I was skeptical, I did actually get promoted.

I spent 3 weeks across the country in California where I met a real fine group of people.  I also fell in love with the state itself and the San Francisco area.  A big plus for me out there is that everyone seems to ride a bike, scooter, or motorcycle.  Here in Long Island that does happen but only for a certain time of the year, and the roads can be as safe as a bear cave.

Aside from turning 24, other events have transpired that I won’t really get into detail about here, but I just wanted to say how funny life is and how things can just fall into place.  Well, not really fall into just a “place” but how events can just arrange themselves in such a weird way.  The last two quarters of this year have been so “high octane”, at least for me.  Family, relationships, love, friendship, work, health and mortality have all been topics that were shaken in the last 4-5 months.  A lot of change has happened but I just feel like it will keep coming in waves.

If we are all still here in 2012, I’m sure it’ll at least be a very, very interesting year.


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