Fill the what?

March 19, 2011


My name is Sean. I’m a curious and over-ambitious fellow particularly interested in filling-in the gaps (“blanks”) in my knowledge of the world. There are so many movies I haven’t seen, books I have not read, and general bits of information I don’t know. I absolutely despise not knowing about something, and have always wished to gain a knowledge of everything. That is unfortunately impossible, but my goal is to round myself out and gain as much know-how on what’s out there as possible. I kept myself in a bubble for a good portion of my life and shut out anything unfamiliar to me, which puts me at this disadvantage today. However I consider this lack of experience an advantage because I get to see, read, and learn about what I missed and write about it here, providing myself and others with a reference to the good and bad I experience from this day and on.

This primary post is incredibly formal sounding but I wanted to express why this site was created and will continue to exist in as clear a manner as possible. Once I start sharing my views it will surely get quite informal here.

Bye for now…



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